Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta of Tuscany’s Tenuta San Guido Visits Toronto

Wednesday, November 14, Don Alfonso, Toronto

Together with Sylvestre Wines & Spirits, Andros Communications organized a press and buyer tasting of wines from Tenuta San Guido’s portfolio at the newly renovated Don Alfonso 1890 restaurant located in downtown Toronto.

Hosted by 3rd generation owner Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta, the tasting began with 2016 Le Difese and 2016 Guidalberto, two wines introduced in 2000 and 2002 that share Sassicaia’s pedigree but highlight different aspects of the winery. The tasting finished with a vertical of the iconic Super Tuscan, Sassicaia, including the 2015 vintage recently rated top wine in the world by Wine Spectator.

A delicious tasting menu of five courses designed by Chef Saverio Macri and his team complemented the wines perfectly.

In attendance were key LCBO buyers and top reviewers from the wine media including John Szabo, Rod Phillips, Tony Aspler, Chris Waters, Steve Thurlow, Margaret Swaine, Michael Vaughn, Tim Appelt, Jamie Drummond and Kim Gertler.

As a parting gift, each guest received a silver pen engraved Sassicaia.

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