Andros aims to be the leading boutique agency providing marketing and communication solutions to the food and beverage industry world-wide.


Andros’ ideal client is a food, wine or spirits brand, or a food or winegrowing region, with desire to expand its creative boundaries and partner with an agency to drive incremental sales with measurable ROI.


Well-developed knowledge of the Canadian food and beverage market.

Strong relationships with retailers, liquor boards, wine agents and specialized and lifestyle press in Canada.

Sensitive to balancing the needs of the various stakeholders implicated in generic wine promotion.

Cost effective and reliable project management.

A Network Of Professionals Across Canada With:

  • An intimate knowledge of local markets
  • The reflex to anticipate the needs and expectations of local partners
  • Skills to assess of the feasibility of proposed actions
  • An understanding of trends in consumer behaviour
  • An international vision of markets applied to Canada: “think globally act locally”


Andros is one of Canada’s leading specialist wine marketing agencies, with an associate network of offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and internationally in Paris, New York, San Francisco and Sao Paulo.


2017 LCBO Elsie Award* for “Best Niche Marketing”

2015 LCBO Elsie Award* Special Recognition Award for Industry Partnership

2012 LCBO Elsie Award* for “Best Vintages On-Premise Collaboration”

2011 LCBO Elsie Award* for “Best Integrated Marketing - Wines”

2007 LCBO Elsie Award* for “Best Niche Marketing”

2006 LCBO Elsie Award for “Partnership - Vintages” 

2005 LCBO Elsie Award for “Best Image Marketing - Wines” 

2003 LCBO Elsie Award for “Best Niche Marketing” – South of France Wines


*The LCBO's annual award program for trade partners who excelled in marketing their products through the retailer during the year.